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     Matlab® routines for analyzing psychophysical data 

       (version 1.8.2)

(Verified) compatible with bare-bones Matlab (i.e., without any of the optional toolboxes) going back at least as far as R14SP3 (aka Matlab 7.1, Sept. 2005). Also compatible with GNU Octave (verified using Octave 4.0.0).

by Nicolaas Prins and Frederick Kingdom


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  • Psychometric function fitting
  • Multi-condition model fitting
  • Adaptive procedures
  • Signal detection measures
  • Summation modeling
  • Maximum likelihood difference scaling
  • Model comparisons

Palamedes Swallowtail 
Papilio Palamedes
Photograph courtesy of www.istockphoto.com,
LeightonPhotography #3744238 


Prins, N & Kingdom, F. A. A. (2009) Palamedes:  Matlab routines for analyzing psychophysical data.  http://www.palamedestoolbox.org 



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