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Before you submit a bug report read this:

We encourage users to submit bug reports. However, bug reports need to be clear and specific. With your bug report, submit the smallest piece of code that will consistently generate the error and does not rely on files (other than Palamedes files) that are on your computer but not ours. Do not include the Palamedes routines. Also include anything that you think might help us to figure out what happened. A copy of the error message that is generated might help (what might crash on your computer under your version of Matlab and your OS might run just fine on our systems). Only bugs that occur with the current, unmodified Palamedes version running under Release 14 or greater of Matlab or version 3.4.3 or greater of Octave will be addressed. Before you submit your bug report check the help comments in the routine and the appropriate demo file to make sure you understand the proper usage of the routine in question and the error is not a result of improper usage (e.g., passing a matrix to a routine that expects a vector).

While we aim to respond to all bug reports, we reserve the right to ignore bug reports that we deem to be frivolous.

Send your bug report (with code) to: palamedes@palamedestoolbox.org