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Help comments, demonstration scripts and a book

At present Palamedes does not have its own user manual or separate
on-line documentation. However, all user-end routines/scripts contain
information on their function and usage that can be inspected
using the Matlab 'help' function (type help followed by the routine/script
name). Each of the help sections will contain executable example code.
The Demo scripts in the PalamedesDemos folder demonstrate all major
procedures and are each heavily commented. 
The use and operation of the Palamedes routines and demonstration
scripts as well as the theory behind them are described in greater detail
in the following book, which is now available:

Kingdom, F.A.A. & Prins, N. (2016) Psychophysics: A Practical Introduction, 2nd edition. Academic Press: an imprint of Elsevier, London

Note however that the citation for Palamedes will remain as:

Prins, N & Kingdom, F. A. A. (2018) Applying the Model-Comparison Approach to Test Specific Research Hypotheses in Psychophysical Research Using the Palamedes Toolbox. Frontiers in Psychology, 9:1250. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2018.01250

Available Now: The 2nd Edition of Psychophysics: A Practical Introduction!

 What's new in the second edition:

  • A brand new chapter on Summation measures
  • Other chapters overhauled to incorporate more features
  • Detail added where we found out that it would be useful (based on feedback on the 1st Edition)
  • The usage of Palamedes is now explained in separate text boxes and no longer intermixed with explanation of concepts
  • Sections on Palamedes usage have also been updated to keep up with the continuous development of Palamedes