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Palamedes can't do what you want? Can't decipher our cryptic help comments? Don't panic! Other options abound.
We list some of your other options here. Our list is far from complete. A much more comprehensive list is maintained by Hans Strasburger. It lists not only analysis software, but also stimulus generation software and much, much more. As a matter of fact, most of the information we provide here we found on Hans Strasburger's list.

  • Psyphy, MLDS and MLCM by Ken Knoblauch and Laurence Maloney. All routines are written in R.
    • PsyPhy fits multiple PFs simultaneously and compares models using Aikake's Information Criterion (AIC) and Likelihood Ratio test.
    • Yssaad-Fesselier, R. & Knoblauch, K. (2006). Modeling psychometric functions in R. Behavior Research Methods, 38(1), 28-41.
    • MLDS analyses Difference Scaling data.
    • Knoblauch, K. & Maloney, L.T. (2008). Maximum likelihood difference scaling in R. Journal of Statistical Software, 25(2), 1-26.
    • MLCM analyses 'Conjoint Measurement' data.
    • Also check out Knoblauch and Maloney's book "Modeling Psychophysical Data in R (use R!)" Publisher: Springer
  • Psignifit by Ingo Frund, Valentin Haenel and Felix Wichmann
    • Fits individual PFs, Standard errors, Goodness-of-Fit, Maximum-Likelihood, Bayesian.
    • Fründ, I, Haenel, NV, Wichmann, FA. Inference for psychometric functions in the presence of nonstationary behavior. Journal of Vision 2011
  • Psychophysica by Joshua Solomon and Andrew Watson
    • fits individual PFs, performs Quest (among other things).
    • Watson, A.B. & Solomon, J.A. (1997). Psychophysica: Mathematica notebooks for psychophysical experiments. Spatial Vision, 10, 447-466.
  • MLPest by Lew Harvey
    • ANSI C and C++ routines to implement the maximum-likelihood adaptive staircase method of estimating psychophysical thresholds.
    • Harvey, L. O., Jr. (1997). Efficient estimation of sensory thresholds with ML-PEST. Spatial Vision, 11(1), 121-128.
  • Peach by Yury Petrov
    • C++ routines for implementing the Psi adaptive procedure (and many other things).
    • Kontsevich , L. L. , & Tyler , C. W. ( 1999 ). Bayesian adaptive estimation of psychometric slope and threshold. Vision Research , 39 , 2729 – 2737.
  • Psykinematix by Kybervision
    • Fits individual PFs and implements the Psi adaptive procedure. 
    • Kontsevich , L. L. , & Tyler , C. W. ( 1999 ). Bayesian adaptive estimation of psychometric slope and threshold. Vision Research , 39 , 2729 – 2737.