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Figure 1: Four conditions fitted with individual thresholds, common (but fitted) slope and lapse rate (guess rate fixed at 0.5). This is a 6 parameter (4 thresholds, 1 slope, 1 lapse rate) model.


Figure 2: Model comparison. Model shown in Figure 1 (4 thresholds, 1 slope, 1 lapse rate) versus model with shared threshold (1 threshold, 1 slope, 1 lapse rate). I.e., are thresholds differences 'statistically reliable'?


Figure 3: Model comparison: Quadratic trend on thresholds versus linear trend on thresholds. I.e., is bend in threshold plot statistically reliable?


Figure 4: Goodness-of-Fit: Quadratic trend on threshold, common slope, common lapse rate, logistic form versus saturated model.